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Car Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your vehicle is important for its optimal performance. If your vehicle is left unchecked and unmaintained, you can end up with a large repair bill or may even lead to having to the big expense of purchasing a new vehicle. Your car oil is an important component of your car. The oil needs to be changed at regular intervals to ensure that the engine remains in good shape. Oil changes should happen typically every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Car tires also need to be checked. You should make sure that they are properly inflated on a monthly basis. Check the pressure rating that’s listed in the driver’s side doorjamb for the correct reading. Having the proper amount of air in your tires, as well as frequently having them rotated, will extend the life of the product. Air filters also need to be changed at scheduled intervals. The car engine will endure a great amount of stress and have reduced performance if it cannot properly breathe. You can either refer to your owner’s manual to view all of the necessary maintenance items that need to be performed on your car, or stop by our shop and we’ll be happy to consult with you on how to keep your vehicle properly maintained.

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